Opensource & technology trends for 2012 !

As we are still  in first quarter of 2012, it won’t be late for some  predictions about trend in technology  :) As economic outlook continues to be  upward ( specially in IT and technology sector ) , 2012 holds many promises !!

Opensource  technology has been playing important share in all aspects of computing — from personal to enterprise.

In my opinion, we should see following technology related trends in 2012.

I can summarize in 3 words —  Cloud,  Mobile and Social media platform.

Here are details

  • It’s about Cloud – Like other technology(??), Open source will get more momentum for Cloud enabling technologies.. There is lot more on this blog on Opensource Cloud computing.
    • Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) -  It is bound to grow. Cloud Infrastructure providing companies will get much more boost ! It is already exploding. Companies are making language specific Cloud infrastructure. Each language like  PHP, Python, Ruby etc has its own Cloud world. PHPCloud from Zend looks pretty good. It is covered in detail on this blog.
    • Platform Available as Service (PaaS) – It is new and emerging area and many companies are working on it. Availability of  platform as service will be hard to ignore for any company looking to build an application without worrying about all hardware, management and scalability issues. Who wouldn’t like that ?? :)
    • Native/Legacy Application will continue to migration to Cloud (SaaS) –  We should see more migration from traditional web applications to Cloud based application.  For new applications, Cloud will start enjoying increasing market share.
    • Cloud service/consulting providers will thrive –  Of course, when there is lot happening in Cloud world, we need right expertise. It is perfect time for companies having background in Cloud computing and related services. Consulting services around Cloud area should be thriving  over 2011, which has already started.
  • Mobile market will continue to explode - I think, I don’t need to write more on this. Almost everyone will agree. Reason is simple. Everyone can see  impact being made by mobile computing in their day to day life.
  • Social Networking buzz will continue to exist – Well,  I asked this to my all Facebook buddies and most of them agree. No need to say more :)
  • Social Media marketing will be even more important channel for marketing –  We already saw this happening in 2010. We will see this happening at much higher scales in 2012. Good news for leader like Facebook. This is also good news for companies working on  making products in area of  Social Media analytics, aggregation, gaming etc
  • Enterprise Social Platform –  This is interesting segment and social platforms will penetrate further into enterprise, which is already at good momentum. Few successful examples  are  Yammer, SocialCast , Jive and many more. Opensource is not behind in this segement., Blogtronix and few more have opensource offerings for enterprise social platform.

Now, what all this means for opensource world and its consumers ( which is all of us ) ?

Well, tons of opportunities for innovation. Opensource based cloud infrastructure is already at mature level, though lot more is happening every day ! Clouds platform for PHP, Java, Python and Ruby also have  its own share of love for Cloud. List is too long to describe in this one article, but I hope to go into details of each one  as time permits ! Exciting times :)

If you have something to add for 2012 technology trends, please, feel free to chime in.

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