Opensource WebOS – Suicide or Innovation ?

It is really the big question — and time will reveal the truth !
Frankly speaking, it is quite uncertain given the fact that    Android has been established in market and has solid developer  base.

WebOS ( Previously PalmOS ) is relatively defunct at Hewlett-    Packard Comp. (HPQ), but it’s not quite dead.  While the company    reportedly continues to trim the already skeleton crew team of  webOS staffers, the company has also continued to do a respectable job offering up open source releases of the webOS API, in hopes that independent developers will embrace the platform.

The company just delivered a host of goodies, including an open sourced version of Enyo 2.0, the web application framework that webOS apps on the TouchPad (along with a handful of apps on the phone) can run on.  Enyo 2.0 brings a number improvements over the first version.  Most importantly it switches the core JavaScript engine from V8 to JavaScriptCore.

Other individual elements of the WebOS source code, such as core applications like mail and calendar as well as its Linux kernel, will be made available until the full code base is contributed to the open-source community in the fall, HP said.

Therer is good amount of speculation. I personally feel that it will bring more innovation in market. Though it will surley take longer to get required traction.  Had it been released before Android, it would have been totally different scenario !

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