10 Cloud based Database As Services (DaaS)

It is hard to imagine any application running without a database – be it  SQL based or noSQL data model. And that makes database an important part of Cloud suite.

A cloud database is a database that typically runs on a Cloud Computing platform, such as Amazon EC2, GoGrid and Rackspace.

There are two types of deployment available for database on Cloud

  • Users can run databases on the cloud independently, using a Virtual Machine image, or
  • They can purchase access to a database service, maintained by a cloud database provider.

There are two types of databases

  • SQL-based and
  • NoSQL data model.

Deployment Models

Virtual Machine Image -  Cloud platforms allow users to purchase virtual machine instances for a limited time. It is possible to run a database on these virtual machines. Users can either upload their own machine image with a database installed on it, or use ready-made machine images that already include an optimized installation of a database. Totally makes sense, isn’t it ?

Database as a Service - This is what we are interested in. Some cloud platforms offer options for using a database as a service, without physically launching a virtual machine instance for the database. In this configuration, application owners do not have to install and maintain the database on their own. Instead, the database service provider takes responsibility for installing and maintaining the database, and application owners pay according to their usage. For example, Amazon Web Services provides two database services as part of its cloud offering, SimpleDB which is a NoSQL key-value store, and Amazon Relational Database Service which is an SQL-based database service with a MySQL interface.

A third option is managed database hosting on the cloud, where the database is not offered as a service, but the cloud provider hosts the database and manages it on the application owner’s behalf.

Here are some examples of popular Database As Service vendors

SQL based

  • Amazon Relational Database Service (MySQL)
  • Microsoft SQL Azure (MS SQL)
  • Heroku PostgreSQL as a Service (shared and dedicated database options)
  • Xeround Cloud Database – MySQL front-end
  • EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Cloud Database

NoSQL based

  • Amazon_DynamoDB
  • Amazon SimpleDB
  • Google App Engine Datastore
  • CouchDB Hosted Database
  • MongoDB Database as a Service

As time permits, we will cover more details on each of these DaaS products.

Database is fun, isn’t it ?

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