Another PHP Cloud Offering – phpFog !

PHP is making strong pregess in Cloud era. Zend offers a good cloud soluiton —

We have one more —  phpFog by AppFog, Inc

AppFog, Inc. is the leading platform-as-a-service provider of PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and Java solutions. Used by developers worldwide to deploy tens of thousands of applications, AppFog delivers a reliable, scalable and fast platform for deploying applications in the cloud. AppFog is a private company headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Some of the highlighted features

  • Reduces Ops work
    • No more configuring servers, firewalls, Apache, security, broken dependencies, or installing frameworks.
  • Supports many applications
    • AppFog’s web application technologies include PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Launches fast, runs fast
    • Select name, size, and stack, then “Launch.” Varnish Cache and op-code caching run applications with less server load and accelerated performance.
  • Scales in a way that saves money
    • We run in many regions, data centers, and infrastructures, so you get access to servers when you need them, and pay for only what you use.
  • Connects you with other developers
    • AppFog is a community lead and provider of PHP support for Github’s Cloud Foundry open-source project. Join us.

You wouldn’t know until you try it !

Check it out –

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