Technology trends for 2013 – part 1

Yes, it’s that time of the year — About predictions , trends and what that means for us. !

In my last year’s post about Technology trends for 2012 Cloud, Mobile and Social Networking were the key focus areas.

Well, nothing has greatly changed. But above focus areas are becoming more mature and with that comes more opportunities for business and consumers. Also, new trends are emerging. Let’s revisit those quickly.

  • Mobile Computing & Phones
    • Phones
      • iPhone 7 and Galaxy 8 phone – No, that won’t happen in 2013 :) Teenagers and gadget freaks can still carry their iPhone5 and Galaxy III without feeling “outdated”. Well, at least for first half of 2013 !
      • Well, no doubt that cell phones are taking centre stage for our day to day life. Nomophobia is not a strange term anymore.  If you are not aware — that is fear of losing cell phone or not contact-able by cell phone. And that tells much more as to how important it is in our life.
      • We have just scratched surface of what we can do with cell phone and moble devices. Mobile market will cotinue to emerge and evolve with more innovation in design, hardware, software and its capabilities.
    • Mobile Computing
      • Mobile computing market share is continuously rising and it is no brainer that it has substential impact on coprorates, individuals as well as students. “Mobile-first” approach for consumer facing products is now an established appraoch for software and technology companies.
      • For purpose of Mobile computing,  I am not considering  laptop as one of the devices, but only cell phone and Tablets. Now, with more features available in a Tablet, an average computer user can practically live without  laptop or desktop and only rely on a tablet !! This trend should become stronger in 2013.
      • Even though very optimistic as I am, tablets or cell phone still won’t  make popcorns or change daipers in 2013 ! :)
    • Tablets
      • This is game changer !That was winner in 2012.  Tablet sales surpassed laptop sales in 2012 !! The most sold out item in holiday season was Tablets ! ( for well-known brands of course )  Strong trend is going to continue in 2013.
      • Tablet-for-each-member-of-family is not a luxury or a wish, it is becoming reality.

New trends

Innovation will cotinue to shape new trends in 2013.  Here are some of  trends, I see ahead.

  • Gesture recognition in devices – This technology has been maturing over period of time and lot more can be expected in 2013 and beyond.
    • Gaming Consoles
      • Microsoft’s  Kinect gaming console is a great example of it and it has done a pretty good job for 3D gesture recognition, which has redefined gaming experience.  Ninendo Wii also should get credit for starting gesture based gaming devices. We should surely see more innovation in gaming consoles, which are enabled for gesture recognition.
    • Gesture recognition in phones –  Now, that’s new trend !  Using front-camera of  phone, gesture based application and features are possible. In 2013, we should surely  see a phone or two based on this !!
  • Wireless power consumption – Though relatively new, wireless chargers ( mainly induction based ) for phones are getting more popular. We should continue to see this trend. After all, no one likes mess and clutter of wires !

What do you think ? If you have an interesting thought on upcoming trends, chime in!

In part-2, I will try to cover my thoughts on Trends in Wearable Gadgets (That’s hot one !)  and Cloud Computing including  IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Managed Services in Cloud etc

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