Facebook connect with Auth component of CakePHP

Facebook is everywhere, isn’t it ?

Slowly, it is becoming source for single sign-on as more and more website try to authenticate using Facebook. It is surely convinient and provides safer experience for users as they don’t have to create account on every website. Other providers like Google and Yahoo also have same feature.  . . . → Read More: Facebook connect with Auth component of CakePHP

PHP based MVC frameworks

While we try to list out and give details of many LAMP frameworks, it is almost impossible to cover each one. Why ?  New framework comes out every month hard to keep up.

Here is good list ofn Wikipedia ,, listing out all PHP based MVC fraemework. We will be reviewing many of those . . . → Read More: PHP based MVC frameworks

Ways to improve cakePHP performance

I started working with CakePHP sometime back.It is pretty robust and Rapid development framework. I l ike it. Having written a struts based LAMP framework myself, some of the featurs within CakePHP are pretty cool. Good for all  lamp web developers out there.

However, convinience and speed (i.e performance ) usually don’t go-to-gather

. . . → Read More: Ways to improve cakePHP performance

Writing CakePHP plugins

CakePHP is very flexible, extensible and over-all robust  LAMP framework.

One of the great feature is to be able to write “Plugins”, which can be just  “dropped” into  plugin directory and can be used seamlessly in your application. Way to go !

In CakePHP’s author’s words –

. . . → Read More: Writing CakePHP plugins

Setting up remote debugging for Eclipse/Zend PHP IDE

Setting up Remote debugging for Eclipse PHP IDE can be little bit tricky.  Though it is documented, some aspects may not work and may require some experiments!!

Here are some steps and tips, which can make process simpler !


Debugging is probably the most useful feature of an IDE, so this article will . . . → Read More: Setting up remote debugging for Eclipse/Zend PHP IDE

CakePHP – Great LAMP framework

CakePHP is a great framework for LAMP. Well, most of you know that.

If not, here you go. If you are thinking of learning one, I will vote for cakePHP

Hot Features No Configuration - Set-up the database and let the magic begin Extremely Simple - Just look at the name…It’s Cake Active, Friendly Community - Join . . . → Read More: CakePHP – Great LAMP framework

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